Collection: Becoming F/W 2024 Gender Neutral Collection

Augusta’s latest collection, Becoming, reflects on what it means to ‘dress well’ and how we might redefine that definition by using self-expression and experience as a basis for design. This work celebrates the power of external appearance on individual expression. We encourage the use of fashion for “being” rather than “having,” viewing fashion as a form of personal expression rather than a pursuit of possessions.

This gender neutral collection is designed to be eclectic, ethereal, and playful.

Maria Augusta Wozniak, creative director, and founder at Augusta, says, “Our team has been working tirelessly to create a collection that is not only fresh and creative, but also supports our values of thoughtful, sustainable, and local production. We’re excited to share our new lineup with Canadians and provide them with clothing they can feel good about wearing.”

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