Augusta Fashion & Textiles is a brand that celebrates and showcases the value and beauty of slow fashion, upcycling, and the handmade. We sell high-quality one-of-a-kind garments designed and made in Alberta by Creative Director and Founder, Maria Wozniak. Our designs use various textile design techniques for both upcycled and original garments.  Our purpose is to provide customers with locally made, high-quality, and well designed artisanal clothing. Our mission is to subvert the ever more present and serious issues, both ethically and environmentally, that exist in the fashion sector. We strive to use art and design as a media that allows for healing and that has the potential to make the world a better place.

About the Designer:

Maria Wozniak is a fashion and textile designer and the founder and Creative Director of Augusta Fashion & Textiles. Maria studied both in Canada, to complete a BFA in Fibre and Textiles at the Alberta University of the Arts, and in Italy, to complete a Master’s degree in Fashion and Collection Design in Florence. After working in the fashion sector in Italy and experiencing first-hand the major issues that exist in luxury fashion, Maria decided to start a brand that works towards proving that ethical fashion can be innovative, avant-garde and progressive. Maria wants to share her love of fashion with Albertans - to showcase designs that are fun, colourful, versatile and that champion sustainable and eco-conscious practices.

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