April 2023 Non-Seasonal Unisex Collection: Responsive

Using the concept of Enclothed Cognition (scientific research surrounding how clothing affects cognitive processes) as a basis for design, the Responsive collection is a playful take on the DNA of workwear to create purposeful design that is receptive to the needs of the wearer.

This collection is inspired by scientific clothing that prioritizes performance and utility, such as lab coats and workwear, but features loud prints, and oversized adjustable and versatile features. The research surrounding Enclothed Cognition shows how our sense of self and social affiliations are often affected by the garments we adorn our bodies with. This collection is designed to acknowledge the lived environment of the wearer and to be robust, relatable, and responsive.

All looks are unisex.

Responsive - presented at The Otherworld Fashion Show April 27, 2023

"Lush, surreal, sublime and futuristic - AUGUSTA brought to THE OTHERWORLD runway a sense of fluid wonder, and a consideration of the human form held up through patterns, textures and design that ruminate on functionality, sustainability and purpose."

This video credits some of Alberta's most talented artists:
Models: Yolanda Sargeant, Jevan Bailey, Noel, Tahj Vaughan, Yacouba, Juliana Mari Lumawig, Sharanya, Max
Cinematography: Vince Raquel
Photography: Logan Coutts
Editor: CONTRA
Hair: TOC Hair Studio & Akademy
Makeup: Tara C Murphy MUA
Presented by: FOREIGNERZ and Secret Shop YYC
Song: Earth Creature by Salami Rose Joe Louis

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